Welcome to “Nut’s and Squats”

You are interested in outdoor activities, healthy food and a real feel-good-body attitude?
Then this is the right place for you.

We will share tips on how to eat healthier and more balanced and how to stay fit in the daily life. 
They say that abs are made in the kitchen, but we believe that they are actually made in the supermarket. If you buy good and healthy food you can’t cook unhealthy. You eat what you buy 😉 

I believe a healthy happy relationship with yourself and your body is not based on a slim body, it is based on a feel good body! We are all different and unique. We have different sizes, different shapes, different hair, different skin, different mindsets but we have one thing in common: we need a healthy body and a healthy mind to feel happy.

What we all have in common? We only have one body, one life and one earth.
Let’s treat all three with the right amount of respect and start a new path towards a healthier, happier life!

This blog is meant to be a positive blog for a healthy body and mind.

Why? I myself struggled a few years with eating disorder, didn’t like myself at all, had bad depressive phases, a burn out, etc. I got out of this vicious circle and would love to inspire others to get out of there too.

I know what it means to be unhappy. I know how hard it is to struggle with your body, your look, trying to lose weight. But if you are depressive and unhappy with your body and trying to change something it feels almost impossible to do it in a healthy way.
I am still struggling on some days, but I am so much better and healthier now.

I think there is not only one solution but it is threefold, and we need to work on all of them:

  • A positive mind!
  • Healthy nutrition!
  • And a healthy amount of fitness!
Nutrition: Tips and recipes
Fitness inspirations
Lust for Life 🙂

Where to start? That is up to you!

One of you might find it easier to start with fitness, another one finds it easier to start with the nutrition and another one finds it easiest to start with a positive mind.

For me personally being in nature (hiking, running) and eating nutritious food is a great way to start feeling better when I am feeling down.

Our life gets more stressful, food is over packaged and over processed, we are looking more into our smart phones than into each others faces.
We want to look like everybody else and forget to find our own beauty.
But life is so much more than glossy Instagram pictures and convenience food.

So if you too are interested in becoming a happy, self-loving human and you love nature and healthy food too, I would be happy if you stay and read on…

I will talk a lot about being outdoors, eating “real” food and caring about our planet.

I hope you’ll enjoy what I share.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am not a Dietitian with a certificate…
This is only a place where I share my own experiences and thoughts and what I learned during the last 20 years since I started to learn about food, and health etc.
So before you make any extreme diet changes please always check in with your doctor if you have any known health issues.

I hope I can inspire some of you to eat healthier and become fitter and  happier.