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Best Home Workout: you don't need a gym to get fit

Why it is worth looking into home workouts? Well there can be different reasons why someone can’t go or don’t want to go to the gym but still want to become or stay fit…

No time? Busy schedules, kids at home, early or late work hours…

No gym close by? There is no gym in your neighborhood and you don’t want to drive an hour to get to one?

No fun? You don’t feel good in a gym, don’t like the vibes?

No money? You want to save money and don’t want to spend heaps of money on a gym membership?

Gym closed because of Corona lock down? Even though this sounds like a joke, because we hope this is over soon (April 2020). But who knows if there might be regular shut-downs in the future if they won’t find a vaccination or if there might pop up new viruses on a regular basis…. 

So the easiest would be to get a home workout schedule/trainings plan, or get a personal trainer. But since the last option is an expensive option too, I would like to introduce a few amazing options of home workouts/on how to stay fit at home.

4 Benefits of doing workouts at home

The benefits of doing home workouts? 

1) You can do workouts whenever you have time (early in the morning, late at night,..)

2) You don’t need heaps of expensive equipment

3) You can save money because you don’t need a gym membership

4) No need for fancy fitness outfits 😉 

Basic Equipment for home workouts

While you don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment, a few items are essential. Buy good quality if you already know you like to do a lot of home workouts in the future. If you are just starting out and you are not sure if home workouts are the right stuff for you, maybe you can get some second hand gear or friends can offer you their old equipment. 

You need some sports shoes if you don’t like to do fitness barefooted, and comfortable pants or leggings, an old T-shirt and everybody with boobs should think about a good fitness Bra. That’s it!

A workout/yoga mat

A good mat is essential for a lot of yoga or bodyweight training. In the beginning an old big towel can be ok, but for a real intense yoga workout or HIIT workout a good mat is something you definitely want to get.

Look for anti- slip, thickness and material. You will also find all kind of different colours.
We would personally always recommend a sustainable material and brand. E.g. you could look for a natural rubber mat*…. or a brand that is supporting 1% for the planet.


You don’t need to use weights for your home workouts. Most of the workouts I recommend are body weight anyway. But if you like to do some of the exercises with extra weight you can use bottles filled with water or sand (a great way to reuse single use plastic bottles). Or you can buy different kinds of  professional weights. Some can even get tied to your feet or hands…

My favorite home workouts

From running to HIIT to TRX in the living room or park, free yoga/hiit lessions on youtube… you have so many choices to stay fit or get fit fro home, at home, without a gym.

Find your favorite, find something that is fun for you, something you really look forward to do 🙂

I will show you a few of my favorite home workouts now:


This lightweight tool is amazing for all kind of occasions. 

Light and small, so easy to bring in your suitcase/backpack when traveling, carrying on a run to make some extra workout in a park, or just to do your daily workout at home in your living room.

If you buy them there might even be some workout inspirations in the package to get you started. You will find some youtube training videos too, or research some more  exercises to make your own home workout plan. 

The different colors stand for different strength (light, medium, heavy, advanced..) so make sure to get the right one for you. In case you like to bus a light and medium one, you can always use them together to get a heavier workout…

If Therabands are not resistant enough for you, check out training tubes… My partner loves them more than Therabands.


Yoga is amazing to stay fit at home. It would be a great idea though to have a mirror so you can watch yourself if you do it right. Or start with a real class to get confident with the moves, so you can make your own home workouts when you know you are doing the moves the right way.

Find your favorite youtube channel. 

Find a yoga tutorial program online like this one we can really recommend:
Yoga Burn Challenge*


The right thing for you if you like to get sweaty 😉

HIIT= High Intense Interval Training

Quick and dirty as you can say…. from 7 to 20 minutes, so you can’t say you don’t have enough time to workout anymore. 

One example of a HIIT workout could look like: 
40 sec high intense (give all you can, do as many reps as you can)
20sec break 
8-20 exercises… like squats, lunges, sit ups, crab, crocodile plank, etc….

This video below is a great beginner workout if you are very new to HIIT. You can find heaps of free youtube videos so you wont get bored. In case you know a lot of bodyweight training stuff already, feel free to make your own home workout plan.


TRX suspension trainer: A whole home gym in one box!

One tool – a hell of a whole body workout.

I really love TRX. You can adjust the TRX band to a tree or door, or playground/outdoor gym rod and get started….
Make sure to know how to do the exercises properly. Like with every sports: wrong moves can harm more than doing good…

Outdoor sports: running, biking, swimming

And sure, the good old outdoor sports like running, biking, swimming should not be forgotten…

If you don’t feel like running is your favorite, try bike riding… or power walking… 

Read more about why I love running: 20 Benefits of running

When it comes to fitness and sports it is very important to find something you really enjoy. 

It is hard enough to get started, it is even harder to stick to a fitness routine if you are not used to it. So try out a few different things and stick to the one that really made you feel better. And the stick to it. A routine is not something that is implemented straight away. You might need a few weeks (4-8) until the new routine is implemented. But then you will feel that your body and mind actually longs for the home workout, for some exercise, because it is used to it! So don’t give up too early!

Stay fit and healthy