Why choosing a vegan diet for weight loss can be great

Why choosing a vegan diet for weight loss can be a great idea

You might have heard that a lot of people had great success with losing weight after they switched to a vegan diet.

You just need to remember a few things when starting a vegan diet for weight loss and then there is a great chance you will start losing weight straight away.

A vegan diet is not only healthy for you, but also better for the environment.
“Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32.000 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.” (-Cowspiracy)

Eating a plant based diet can be healthier but could also be contra-productive if you make the wrong food choices.
Eating less meat/animal products and same time eating more refined carbs and drinking a lot of sugary drinks will definitely have the opposite effect.

10 easy tips on how to successfully loose weight with a plant based diet

1: First thing first: cut down on sugar!!

You should drastically cut down sugar from your diet. Sweets, cakes, sugar in your coffee, don’t eat too many fruits and quit sweet soft drinks. The more sugar you eat, the more difficult it will be to lose weight.

2: Don't drink store bought fruit juice.

Fruit juice is loaded with sugar. If you make fresh juice you will still have healthy fibers, so it is ok to drink fresh juice once a while. 

But the fruit juice from stores are mostly free of healthy fiber and most times loaded with extra sugar. So just leave them on the shelves and eat fresh fruits instead.

3: Don't eat a lot more carbs to substitute meat.

Carbohydrates are sugars. 

So food loaded with sugar/carbs (bread, pasta, rice, etc.) shouldn’t get on your plates as a regular substitute of animal products.

4: Don't just switch to "fake meat"/meat and dairy substitutes, eat real food.

If you switch to a vegan diet for weight loss, please don’t just buy conventional fake meat and substitutes. 

Many of these foods are full of fat, sodium, and wheat. They are highly processed and don’t offer enough nutrients. 

My boyfriend who has asthma even got his asthma triggered after he ate one of the most famous brands fake meat burger.
They will go against your weight loss efforts if you eat to much of them.
Like other fast food you should only eat them occasionally.  

Better learn about a whole food diet and learn how to make your own patties. Like this one: Vegan lentil mushroom burger pattie

5: Say yes to whole grains.

While you should eat less refined grains (quick carbs/white rice/white flour pasta and bread), you should still include whole grains (slow carbs/brown rice/whole grain pasta and bread) into your diet.

Whole grains are healthy, complex carbohydrates that your body uses for energy so they digest more slowly. Offering your body the important glucose it needs in a slow and even manner. That helps to keep your blood sugar balanced and this encourages weight loss. Whole grains also have important nutrients we need.

6: Eat loads of green veggies!

Green veggies have less carbs (less sugar) than red ones and provide a lot of nutrients. 

Kale, broccoli, turnip greens, bok choy, etc. also provide your body with calcium, which is needed if you like to lose weight.

Nuts: a great source for healthy fat and protein

7: "Get nuts"

1/4 cup of nuts /raw and toasted) a day is perfect. You shouldn’t eat more if you like to lose weight, they are high in fat/calories!
Nuts are a great source for protein and protein is important to lose weight.

So feel free to get nut’s and yes do some squats 😉 

8: Eat enough proteins.

Protein is important for weight loss. Food high in protein is making you feel full longer and our body needs more energy to get digested, so your body is burning more calories while processing proteins.

A scientific fact is that your body can not effectively burn and use fat as energy without having help from protein or carbs. When you are losing weight you will lose fat and muscle so it is important to eat enough protein to fuel fat burning while preserve calorie burning muscle.

9: Drink enough water.

You will eat more fiber loaded food and these need enough water to do their job properly. 6-12 glasses of water (a 200ml/8 ounce) would be a a great amount. 

If you eat a lot of water loaded veggies you can easily aim for 6. If you feel hungry sometimes it’s just thirst, so always drink a glass of water first if you feel hungry between meals.

10: Start some regular exercise.

Yeah I know, you most likely want to lose weight without doing any sports like many other would like to.
But burning more calories during the day makes weight loss easier and more muscles will burn more fat. And be honest, are you walking a lot during the day? 

If you are working in an office you might really want to think about some fitness/sports you like to do on a regular basis. Not only for weight loss but also for your back and neck.

Look for a sport that you really like. Try out some Yoga, HIIT, Running, Swimming, Biking, etc…

Finally, be patient with yourself and enjoy food!!! Take small steps towards a lighter life.

If you eat a variety of veggies, fruits, legumes and whole grains you won’t gonna miss much and you can eat loads of delicious food! 

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